D/s Stories - Male Dom Female Submission

I told him, “I don’t want to have a relationship with you. I don’t want to talk to you in between unless you are writing to tell me something domly. I just want you to use me as your suck slut. I don’t want to ever talk about our lives. I don’t know how long I will be willing to do this. It’s what I want right now. So if I decide to end it or you decide to end it then that has to be okay.”

“okay, Are you afraid of getting close to someone?”

“No, I just need the sexual aspect right now. I just don’t want to have a relationship with you.”

The Suck Slut

“How do you know that for sure, you don’t even know me?”

“I don’t know about what I don’t want. I only know about what I want and I want to be your suck slut and I don’t want to have any kind of relationship other than that. So is that going to be a problem? Can you give me that or are you looking for more?”

“I can give you that.” 

“I want you to tell me about the women you fuck during the week as I suck your cock. I want you to tell me all the details. I want to know what they look like, what you do to them, the things you say to each other.”

“I’m going to play amateur psychologist here. Is this why you don’t want a relationship? Is it because you like this sexual aspect but can’t handle it with someone you care about?”

“Oh my God, YES!! That’s exactly it!!!”  Fuck!  I was surprised he got me so easily, dam it my heart was warming to him already! Fuck, fuck fuck!!!

“Okay, I can give you this. You will be my suck slut.”

“Thank you," already wondering if I'd bit off more than I could chew.

“My pleasure, now get over here and suck my cock, slut!”

The next week I visited him as we had decided for our weekly suck session. He kissed me and then pushed me to my knees as soon as I got there. He was wearing just a pair of black silky boxers which he instructed me to remove. I pulled the boxers down his legs and off of his feet and I let my face rub against his cock feeling the silky smooth cockflesh against my cheek. Then I wrapped my lips around the luscious head and began to suck on it bringing inch after inch deeper into my throat.

"You suck that well, you’re such a good slut to be sucking on my cock after I fucked Stacy only an hour ago." He pushed on my head making me swallow the whole cock. I had my cock in her tight wet pussy fucking her hard and he began to pump his cock into my throat. He held my head tight and he fucked my mouth just like I needed. He treated me like a dirty filthy slut and he told me all of his slutty secrets. 

He told me how he lured Stacy by pretending he wasn’t interested. Stacy was a hot blonde who was used to guys falling all over her. So he did the opposite and he drove Stacy crazy and soon she was asking him out. He told me how he bent her over the table in his entry way and pounded the fuck out of her pussy and then had her kneel on the stairway while he fucked her doggie style and pulled her hair. He told me that she begged to be fucked, “Oh yeah give me that cock! I need that hot cock! Fuck me harder!” He of course was more than happy to oblige her. 

He told me that Stacy had the hottest tits and he loved sucking on her rosy pink nipples and playing with her d cups tits. Then he told me that she has a hot ass that he just loves to grab as he is kissing her and finger fucking her pussy that is drooling for him. Stacy apparently isn’t much into sucking cock but he said, “What she lacks in oral skills she makes up for in her hot body and her need to be fucked. Besides I have a suck slut for that! Speaking of that, you want my load don’t you?”

I shook my head yes and mumbled through his cock affirmatively.
“Well you are going to get it slut! Here’s that hot load!” He groaned loudly just then and a huge glob of gooey cum shot out into my mouth coating my tongue and slipping down my throat. I swallowed it up as soon as I could, needing to ingest that creamy man treat. He continued to hold my hair tight as I worked his cock good sucking out every last drop.


A Sir and His Naughty Girl

I sent him a dirty little message. “My panties are so wet! I’ve been a very naughty girl.”

“You have? What have you been doing?”

“I had my fingers in my panties while I was looking at videos on the internet.”

“Oh really? And what did those pictures consist of?” 

“Men with very big cocks fucking hot girls with pretty hair and lipstick.”

“Oh you have been naughty! I think you need your sir to come home and spank that ass of yours! I’ll be home in 15 when I walk in I want you bent over the kitchen table like a good girl waiting for me!”

“Yes, Sir! Whatever you say.”

I put my little skirt back on and walked over to the kitchen table. I bent over and laid their waiting for Sir. It seemed to take forever for him to get here but finally he pulled up into the driveway. My heart was beating a mile a minute as I heard his car door shut and then his footsteps on the walkway. I heard him drawing nearer, walking up the steps and across the porch. I heard the creak of the screen door and his key in the lock. I was trembling and I could feel my hot little pussy dribbling into my panties.
“Good girl, I’m glad to see you in position.” He said as he walked behind me, lifting my skirt and caressing my ass, squeezing my right cheek hard. I could smell his cologne and he smelled so good! He caressed more rubbing my ass and I was losing myself in the pleasure of his touch, it felt so soothing, so wonderful oh how I adored him…Then suddenly he smacked me hard pulling me from my dreamy place. SMACK! 

“Ow!” I cried out. It had taken by surprise though I realized it shouldn’t have. He pulled my hair back. “You’ve been a naughty girl haven’t you?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“What have I told you about the internet.”

“That I need to stay focused on my school work and stay off of those naughty sites.”

“That’s right! But did you listen?”

“No I didn’t, Sir.”

“That’s right you didn’t! And did you even finish your homework before you started?”

“No, I still have one paper to do.”

“You see? You need to stay focused!”

“Yes, Sir, I understand.”

“No, I don’t think you do but you will now!”

He pulled off his belt and folded it over and suddenly his belt was cracking down on my ass. Oh my God it hurt! He continued slapping the belt against my poor tender ass and then he pulled my panties down so that my cheeks no longer had the slight protection of the skimpy little white silky panties.  He left them at my ankles which felt very uncomfortable and undone. I hated that feeling. He continued to slap the belt against my ass. I knew my ass had to be bright red because it was stinging as if it were on fire. I started begging him to stop, “Please Sir, please stop! Oh my God it hurts!”

“I’ll stop when I’m ready,” and he hit me a few more times. The tears where flowing down my cheeks and I was incoherently begging for him to stop and finally he did and I felt his hand caressing and squeezing my burning flesh. He pulled back on my hair pulling me to a standing position and then he started kissing me hard as he lifted up my light cotton blouse and began fondling my breasts. I no longer cared about the stinging on my ass. I only wanted to please him sexually and I wanted his cock. I was hoping he would push me to my knees so that I could suck him. I so love to suck him! But instead he threw me back over the desk and poured lube on my ass crack. Fuck! He was going to fuck my ass. I heard him remove his pants and then I felt the head of his big cock being pushed against my ass. Oh my God his cock was so big! It was so hard to take it in my ass but I couldn’t say no I totally adored him I would do anything he wanted. So I tried to relax the muscles in my ass as he pushed into me. Oh my god it hurt! I knew that it would feel better in a few moments but right then it hurt. I felt him pull back on my long blonde hair. His cock thrust in deeper until it was in as deep as it would go. It started to feel good and I pushed against him wanting his cock deep in my ass. Soon I was begging, “Fuck me! Fuck me with your hard cock! Fuck my ass!”

He responded by pounding his big cock into me. He was pounding me hard it felt like he was going to drive me right through the table. Thank goodness we had bought a really sturdy table. I remember sturdy had been on his mind when we bought it and I suddenly realized now why. I was drawn away from thoughts by how good his cock felt in my ass. Who cared about tables and things when you had such a big cock pounding the fuck out of your ass. “Fuck me! God yes fuck me” He was pounding the orgasms right out of me one after another until his own exploded deep into my bowels. I could hear him moaning loudly in between my own moans and heavy breathing. 

He slapped my ass before pulling out his cock and said, “Now go finish your homework; I’ve got to get back to work!” He kissed my forehead and ran out the door. How was I supposed to concentrate on homework after that?

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